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Pricing that makes you a genius


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It costs you nothing. We only get paid if we save you money. That means if we bring you on as a client, our pay is based on how we help you.


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What you see is what you pay. Your per-item fees for sourcing and shipping are all-inclusive, helping you forecast your exact costs.


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There are no hidden fees. We charge on a percentage basis, which is shared with you before signing any contracts. 

We place our customers


Ally Sourcing has always put the 'customer first'. This motto is just as important in our pricing as it is in our business philosophy. When we save, you save. 


Frequently Asked Questions

See some common questions and answers below, or email us at

How is quality controlled? 

We don't just check the quality from afar, we have dedicated buyers, production staff, and managers that personally vet suppliers and goods before they ever leave China.  

Do you have any branches overseas? 

Our California-based team manages all projects as a personal liaison to our customers. Also, we have two teams of buyers, production staff, and project managers in China that speak the language and know the culture to give you world-class service. 

What is sourcing?

Sourcing is the practice of locating and selecting businesses or individuals based on set criteria. One of the most common uses of sourcing is to find great quality products for lower rates.

Can I get a full refund? 

When contracts are signed, funds are immediately put into production costs. The only way to get a refund is if Ally Sourcing breaks the agreement with our customer or if the production quality does not match the sample specifications approved by you.


We work with a limited number of partners to ensure we provide exceptional service and savings. Reach out to us today to see how much we could save you.

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