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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

1.5 million in savings, in just shipping!

With so many options out there it is increasingly easy to get paralysis of analysis when it comes finding shipping options that can take your product from one side of the world to another. The only problem is that each of these agencies are third party, meaning they are adding massive costs to build their shipping empire. Here at AllySourcing, we are not building a shipping empire, we are building a sourcing agency established on customer loyalty. Our proof is in the numbers.

A company came to us recently with a quote from Freightos of $1/book to ship from China to Los Angeles. That might feel reasonable, until we give you the actual numbers. From $1/book we were able to lower the cost to about 20 cents per book! Just in shipping we were able to save our customer over $120,000/month! That is 1.5 million dollars per year!

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