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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Getting the right tariff could save you millions!

Sourcing a book should be easy, right?! If you can find a supplier and shipping, you still have to deal with customs, which is getting increasingly more difficult. When a customer comes to us with tariff codes given to them by a customs broker, we should just accept them, right? Well, Ally Sourcing doesn't accept the given facts as they are. When we take you on as client, whether you've been sourcing for decades or this is your first time, we check every fact and detail.

One customer came to us with a tariff code classifying their product as a PHOTO ALBUM BOOK—which actually makes sense when you look through their product. Within their book, there are multiple places to attach pictures, so, naturally we should have just accepted this code. Well, we didn't. We went to their customs broker, and again, they assessed the product and still came back declaring that is a PHOTO ALBUM BOOK. We should have just stopped there, but we didn't. At Ally Sourcing, you don't just get us, you also get our team of Trade Lawyers. Not lawyers that do international business, but, you get access to our law team that specializes in international trade! That's the game changer.

After just one glance, our lawyers were not only able to change the tariff code to be classified as a HARD BOUND BOOK but also able to give us and our customers the case studies to back the change, in case there was a customs dispute. That one tweak lowered our customers tariffs from 25% to just 7.5%. And we didn't stop there. Not only did we save them millions in tariff fees we also had their customs broker go back and find us every instance the wrong customs code was used to get our customer a reimbursement on the last year and a half of faulty rates! We are the ally that will fight for you until every dollar due is returned! Choose us today by a filling out the form below.

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