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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Over 70% savings without compromising quality

A global response agency came to Ally Sourcing looking for help to produce a field guide durable enough to survive the intensity of the harsh environments their response teams would have to weather. Beginning the discussion, they gave us their product files, a sample of a field guide they wanted to emulate, and asked us to beat the current production cost of $45/book. Within two weeks, through Ally Sourcing's extensive on-the-ground factory network, we not only found a better supplier that could match the durability and quality of the book they needed produced but also came in at a price of $13/book. That is over 70% off of the original cost!

With that large of savings, we could have easily beaten the price by $10 a book and pocketed the rest. But Ally Sourcing is not just committed to getting you the best price and quality, we are also committed to putting our customers first. We are truly your sourcing ally. Test our abilities today by requesting a demo!

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